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Is Glenn Beck Mormon?

Glenn-Beck-mormonGlenn Beck is one of the most popular political commentators in the United States. Between his TV show, and nationally syndicated talk-radio show, Beck reaches millions of Americans every day with his commentary about politics.

Glenn Beck is also a convert to the Mormon faith, joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1999 along with his wife and children.  If you do one thing on this site, be sure to watch the video where he talks about his conversion story in more detail!

Beck cites the influence of many Mormon friends throughout his life as one of the primary reasons he joined the Mormon Church. His wife, Tania, also told Glenn that she wanted them to share a faith before they were married. At the time, neither Tania nor Glenn were active in any faith, despite Glenn’s upbringing in the Catholic Church. At that point, Glenn and Tania went on a “church tour” to find the faith that they could share as a family.

An old friend, Pat Gray, invited Beck to visit the Mormon Church. Despite hesitations, Glenn visited soon after, resulting in he and the family immediately becoming interested. However, Beck struggled with the decision to join the Church—telling God he didn’t want to be a “Mormon”, as he describes it. After earnest study and prayer, Glenn knew that he wanted to be baptized and requested that his best friend Pat Gray baptize him.

Since that time, Glenn Beck has shared his conversion story in many venues—TV interviews, speaking tours, presentations to Mormon youth and typically whenever the opportunity presents itself. Watch one of these TV interviews below.